• It presents its snacks of extruded and dehydrated meat with the texture and shape of a licorice.
  • It is a perfect snack for children: healthy, fine and easy to eat.
  • Cecinas Pablo is a world reference in the beef market after the five stars recently received at the Great Taste Awards

CECINAS PABLO presents its meat sticks or licorice at Meat Attraction 2019: extruded meat snacks that have been dehydrated to obtain a smooth texture and very easy to eat, as if it were a licorice. A completely new appetizer in Spain since in its elaboration process the gut has been suppressed. Thus, thanks to an innovative process it has been possible to obtain a lot of flavor with the maximum nutritional properties and a different texture that are the healthy alternative to snacks high in sugar and fat.

Pablo Barros, CEO of Cecinas Pablo, notes: “nutritionally, the amount of protein is twice that of fat, when in other snacks it is the opposite. We have managed to bring to the market some sticks with a lot of flavor, much finer than the traditional ones, very healthy and low in sugars ”. He states, “This makes them have a soft texture when they bite, like a licorice and children love it.”

Thus, Cecinas Pablo presents his sticks or licorice of meat for an audience that wants to take care and eat well but does not want to give up the taste. Cecina Pablo Sticks are perfect for a snack or snack that provides the amount of protein needed, minimizing the sugar content. The sticks come in four flavors: Fuet, Chorizo, Ham and Cecina.

Cecinas Pablo has chosen MEAT ATTRACTION, held from September 17 to 19, 2019, as a presentation platform for being the reference fair for all operators in the meat sector; a platform for activity and business opportunities and internationalization for exhibitors, visitors and buyers. MEAT ATTRACTION will bring together more than 400 exhibitors and 20,000 professionals from 50 countries in a specialized commercial event.

With a catalog of products with 150 references in the market, Cecinas Pablo invoices more than 9 million euros a year and has a workforce of 48 workers. Its origins date back to 1977, in which Cecinas Pablo is founded with the aim of recovering traditional forms of production to obtain the highest quality of the raw material. CECINAS PABLO leads the cecina market in Spain and exports to 28 countries.

Today Cecinas Pablo can affirm that its beef products, with the five stars awarded by the Great Taste Awards 2019 are the most awarded in the world.

From: Canaldis – Read in canaldis.com